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Fine and Well-balanced with Sweet Umami After-taste
This fine organic Gyokuro brews a grassy vegetal sweetness liquor, with slight acidity, a subtle natural Umami character and long-after taste 


The Sasahime Gyokuro is a fine, well-balanced tea with a subtle natural Umami taste that blends nicely with the grassy vegetal flavour. The first brewing brings notes of spinach and a well-developed sweetness and natural Umami taste, while the second brewing offers a balance between sweetness and natural Umami taste, with a hint of acidity and subtle sourness.

For the best experience, we recommend brewing this Gyokuro with 50°C water and 5g of tea for just 50 ml of water. Let it steep for 2 minutes to allow the subtle flavours to develop fully.


About the Tea Garden

Sasahime is a premium shaded Gyokuro green tea that is grown without the use of artificial fertilizers or pesticides by two farmer brothers in Shibushi, Kagoshima on the southern end of Kyushu island in Japan. The tea is shaded for twenty days prior to harvesting, which increases the production of L-Theanine amino acids in the plant. The volcanic soil of the region is particularly fertile, creating ideal conditions for nutrient-rich tea with a complex range of aromas.

Cultivar: Saemidori

Method: JAS organic certification

Origin: Shibushi, Kagoshima

Grade: Premium

Elevation: 190mt above sea level

Harvest: First flush, Spring 2022

Shade: 20 days before harvest

Fertilizing: Bokashi, organic fertilizer, sedimentary rock, composted soybeans, rice bran

Steaming: Light (Asamushi, 20 seconds)

Flavour profile: Rich, complex, vegetal sweet notes, long Umami finish

Producer:  Sakamoto family

Content: 20g - 50g

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