Premium Gyokuro Green Tea from Kagoshima by the Sakamoto Family


Mr. Sakamoto and his brother proudly own and operate a distinguished tea garden situated in Shibushi, Kagoshima, located at the southern tip of Kyushu Island, Japan. With over three decades of experience, they have perfected their tea cultivation and shading techniques, resulting in the production of an exquisite Gyokuro, a premium Japanese green tea.


Shading for Excellence 

A cornerstone of their tea production process is the meticulous shading of tea plants for an extended period of twenty days before harvesting. This prolonged shading significantly enhances and amplifies the production of L-Theanine amino acids, contributing to a multifaceted bouquet of aromas in the final tea product.


The Fertile Soil of Kagoshima 

The volcanic soil of the Kagoshima region, celebrated for its fertility and vitality, provides the perfect environment for nurturing nutrient-rich tea leaves. This unique soil composition plays a pivotal role in the exceptional quality of their Gyokuro tea.


Crafting Organic Excellence

To further elevate the quality of their tea, Mr. Sakamoto meticulously crafts his own "Bokashi" compost organic fertilizer. This organic matter, derived from food composts like rice bran and indigenous microorganisms, is entirely free of chemicals and pesticides. This homemade fertilizer supplies tea plants with the essential nutrients they need, ultimately contributing to the exceptional quality of their premium Gyokuro.


Mineral-Rich Soil Enhancement 

In addition to Bokashi, Mr. Sakamoto introduces carefully selected, mineral-rich rocks into his soil. These rocks serve a dual purpose: providing vital minerals to tea plants and enhancing the flow of water, microorganisms, and nutrients within the soil, thereby promoting robust plant growth.


Focus on Plant Health

Mr. Sakamoto has observed that robust, healthy plants exhibit greater resistance to pests compared to weaker, less vital ones. Consequently, he places great emphasis on the overall well-being and health of his tea plants, employing organic and natural techniques to nurture their vitality.


Crafting Exceptional Quality

Through years of unwavering dedication to his craft and a wealth of experience, Mr Sakamoto has fine-tuned his tea cultivation techniques, resulting in premium Gyokuro boasting a complex flavour profile and rich aroma. The combination of meticulous shading, volcanic soil, homemade organic fertilizer, and mineral-rich rocks all play a pivotal role in crafting the exceptional quality of tea produced at the Sakamoto Tea Garden.


Organic Certfication

1099 / 1038, Kagoshima Organic Agriculture Association, Japan



* It is a privilege and an honour for us to collaborate with the Sakamoto family and support their ongoing commitment to maintaining a rich legacy of cultivating the highest quality Gyokuro tea leaf material without compromise.