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At Sabō, we have the privilege of collaborating closely and directly with producers to bring you an exclusively curated selection of premium-quality Japanese teas that are seldom found outside of their country of origin. Our dedication to showcasing these exceptional teas is reflected in our range of loose-leaf Japanese teas, as well as ceremonial Matcha. Each of our teas embodies a unique and diverse flavour profile spanning from earthy to robust, fruity to Umami savoury, that can be enjoyed in a healthy fashion, without additives, preservatives, or sugar.

In addition to our dedication to sourcing the finest teas, we take pride in fostering partnerships with a select group of hospitality groups and retailers who align with our principles and core values. These partners understand the importance of fostering strong relationships with producers, maintaining transparency in sourcing, and upholding the artistry and craftsmanship behind tea production. By working together, we aim to not only offer you a delightful tea-drinking experience but also to share the rich heritage and captivating stories behind each tea with your esteemed customers.

We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to introduce to you, and to your customers the world of Japanese tea, where craftsmanship, quality, and cultural significance intertwine in each sip.



Conscious, intentional projects and strategies designed to secure a balance between people and the natural world and to preserve that balance for the benefit of future generations.

intentional brands with conscious storytelling and marketing,
in search for meaning beyond materialism



We are dedicated to creating and promoting conscious and intentional projects that aim to achieve a harmonious balance between people and the natural world. Our mission is to preserve this delicate balance for the benefit of future generations.

In line with this vision, we collaborate with intentional brands that prioritize conscious storytelling and marketing. These brands go beyond materialism, seeking deeper meaning and purpose in their actions.

We believe that the external image a brand portrays reflects its inner consciousness. A brand is an extension of its creator's values and beliefs. Therefore, we assist brands in discovering their purpose and acting with intention, ensuring their actions align with their core values. By fostering resilience, meaningful connections, and values among brands, we contribute to the transition towards a sustainable future.

Our approach is holistic and values-driven, working directly with brand owners. We design CONSCIOUS PROJECTS that cultivate meaningful relationships between brands and their stakeholders. These projects are rooted in ethical practices and emphasize the importance of connection and authenticity.

Together with our partners, we strive to create a positive impact and contribute to a more sustainable and conscious world. By design, our projects enable brands to become powerful catalysts for positive change in the world. Working hand in hand with our partners, we aim to make a lasting difference by fostering sustainability, awareness, and conscious choices. Our collective efforts shape a better future, where brands serve as vehicles for transformative action and inspire meaningful change in society.



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