Who we are...


Ichi-go ichi-e, is a profound Japanese phrase embodying a cultural principle of cherishing the uniqueness of every moment. It encapsulates the idea that each encounter is irreplaceable and should be valued accordingly. This expression can be interpreted as "a singular opportunity," "a fleeting encounter," or "an extraordinary moment never to be repeated." A once in a lifetime encounter.


Every encounter is different, nothing happens the same way twice...



Sabō /ˈsabəʊ/ - 茶房, is dedicated to presenting premium Japanese tea and tea culture as a means to inspire a slower and simpler lifestyle while embracing the profound art of tea appreciation rituals. Our focus lies on promoting artisanal teas grown organically, in close collaboration with local tea producers and craftsmen in Japan.


Our intention is deeply rooted in the ancient philosophy and traditions of Wabi-Sabi, embracing the values of slow and simple living while accepting and appreciating the raw and unadorned reality of existence.


Through the medium of tea, Teaism, and tea-related tools and artisanal objects, we endeavour to cultivate and develop a more sustainable and fulfilling lifestyle—a conscious and intentional approach to living.




We support and resonate with simplicity and minimalism, responsible consumption of natural resources, slower and sustainable, holistic, and conscious lifestyle

Ethically sourced and direct trade, from the farm to you, … in alignment and respect for mother nature and her resources




Why we exist...


Embracing a Sustainable Future

Throughout our existence, humanity has demonstrated remarkable resilience and adaptability. Our ancestors, who once roamed caves and lived off the land, discovered the rhythm of nature and cultivated the first seeds of agriculture, leading to settled communities. Centuries of progress, characterized by both triumphs and tribulations, have propelled us forward, enabling incredible advancements in science and technology. Today, we find ourselves scattered across every corner of the globe, witnessing a pivotal moment in our shared history.


However, it is undeniable that our progress has come at a significant cost. Our rapid growth and relentless pursuit of innovation have strained our planet's resources, caused environmental degradation, and endangered our very existence. Recognizing this, we stand at a critical juncture, one that demands collective evolution and adaptation, mirroring the transformative shifts in our past.



Is time for a reset...



Where from here...


It is time for a deliberate reset—a re-evaluation of our values, goals, and the way we inhabit this planet. We must forge a superior path forward, one that prioritizes sustainability and harmonizes with the natural world. Our survival and the legacy we leave for future generations depend on our ability to embrace new perspectives and innovative solutions.


By re-evaluating our choices, both as individuals and as a global community, we can redefine our relationship with nature and ensure a thriving planet for generations to come.


Surely, there must be a superior path forward...



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and, as a result, sustainability.