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Deep and Fresh Profile with a Distinctive Umami Aftertaste 
This 100% certified organic Matcha brews a distinctive and robust flavor profile, characterized by steamed broccoli notes and a marine Ooika aroma. It leaves a long-lasting and gentle Umami aftertaste on the palate


This premium organic Matcha is meticulously crafted from the latest addition to the Furukawa family's organic plantation, featuring the Uji Hikari cultivar. Planted in 2020, these young trees provide a unique opportunity to experience the fresh, deep, and natural flavors of a crop in its early years, before reaching the five-year maturity mark. This newly crafted Matcha offers a deeper and slightly stronger grassy flavor profile compared to that produced from fully matured plants, complemented by a gentle Umami taste and the characteristic Ooika fragrance.


About the Tea Garden

The Tencha leaves used to produce this 100% certified organic Matcha undergo meticulous care and nurturing along the fertile shores of the Uji River. Thriving in the nitrogen-rich, well-drained soil of this pristine environment, these leaves are cultivated with a steadfast commitment to organic farming principles.

The newly established Uji Hikari Organic tea plantation, a recent addition to the agricultural operation, exemplifies their dedication to organic farming and shows great promise despite its youth. These tea leaves are grown with precision, including a 32-day shading period before harvest. The traditional and labor-intensive Ooishita (覆い下) shading method, utilizing "Kanreisha," a sunshade cloth, creates a canopy that effectively regulates sunlight exposure. Additionally, they embrace the Shizen-jitate (自然仕立て) approach, allowing tea trees to grow naturally in their unpruned state until they reach optimal maturity for harvesting. Importantly, the entire process is free from artificial fertilizers or pesticides, aligning with their commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly tea cultivation.


Preparation method: Usucha and Koicha


Cultivar: Uji Hikari certified organic, shizen-jitate 3 year old tree, single-cultivar

Method: JAS organic certification

Origin: Gokasho, Uji

Grade: Koicha - Usucha, Pinnacle, ceremonial grade, competition winner

Elevation: 15mt above sea level

Harvest: First flush, Hand-picked (tezumi), Spring 2023

Shade: Ooishita natural method, shaded for 32 days before harvest

Fertilising: Rapeseed oil cake, fish cake (tuna and bonito)

Steaming: Medium (futsūmushi)

Flavour profile: Deep and grassy with vegetal notes, round flavor and gentle Umami finish

Producer: Furukawa family

Content: 20g

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