Premium Uji Tencha and Matcha by the Furukawa Family


The Furukawa family has a rich heritage and profound legacy that spans generations, specializing in crafting authentic Uji Tencha and Matcha teas. Their niche and speciality lies in the sole cultivation of only four specific cultivars: Asahi, Uji-Hikari, Saemidori, and Samidori. Rooted in the historic tea-producing region of Uji, Gokasho, their lineage dates back to the late Edo period, showcasing their extensive expertise in the art of tea.


Their Awards and Commitment:

Their unwavering commitment to excellence is evident through the numerous awards their teas have earned. Notably, their Honzu Asahi competition-grade Matcha claimed the top spot at the 2019 All Kyoto Tencha competition. Additionally, their organic Samidori Matcha recently secured first place in the young tea plantation category at the 2022 Kyoto Prefecture Superior Tea Plantation Fare. These awards underscore their dedication to producing only the highest-quality teas.


Meticulous Cultivation and Unique Techniques:

The Tencha leaves used for producing their Matcha are conveniently cultivated along the fertile banks of the Uji River, where the nutrient-rich, well-drained soil significantly contributes to their exceptional flavour. For their pinnacle premium-grade Honzu Asahi, they employ an ancient and nowadays rare, labour-intensive traditional cultivation technique called Honzu (本蔶). This method involves using natural reeds and rice straw to shade the tea trees for a full 40 days before the harvest.

As for their other tea varieties, they utilize the shading method known as Ooishita (覆い下), which involves the use of "Kanreisha," a black sunshade cloth. Both of these shading methods create a protective canopy that precisely controls and regulates sunlight exposure, promoting the production of chlorophyll and L-Theanine.

Furthermore, their tea plants are allowed to grow in their unpruned, untrimmed natural shape, following the traditional practice known as Shizen-jitate (自然仕立て). All of their teas are meticulously harvested by hand (tezumi, 手摘み), without the use of machines, ensuring that only the youngest, freshest, and healthiest buds are carefully selected before processing.

Furukawa-san only harvests his tea plantations once a year during the spring season. This deliberate choice allows the plants and the soil to rejuvenate and accumulate fresh nutrients for the forthcoming year's harvest. These meticulous cultivation methods and practices deeply enrich the flavour and quality of our teas, making them truly exceptional.


Organic Farming:

Their newest addition, a flourishing 100% organic Samidori plantation, stands as an illustrious testament to their steadfast commitment to environmentally conscious and sustainable farming methods. This unwavering dedication distinguishes them from the standard practices deeply rooted in the Japanese high-grade Matcha industry, where the application of fertilizers remains a common practice.

By choosing to cultivate their tea leaves without the use of fertilizers, they demonstrate a pioneering spirit, leading the way in producing high-quality Matcha through environmentally friendly means. Their young Samidori plantation is a living embodiment of their vision for a greener, more sustainable future in the world of Matcha, where conventional methods are gradually making way for eco-friendly alternatives.


Furukawa-san's Dedication to Excellence:

Furukawa-san, a sixth-generation Uji Tencha cultivator, is celebrated for his diligent and precise approach to tending, overseeing and nurturing his tea plantation. Together with his skilled team, they carefully chose the most pristine, freshest and youngest leaves from his spring harvest only, conscientiously process and refine them, and meticulously remove stems and veins manually, demonstrating the artistry of his craftsmanship and dedication that characterize their premium tea production.


Sustainable Practices:

Furukawa-san is committed to the principles of sustainability and he is environmentally conscious in his approach to tea cultivation and production. He meticulously selects the ideal time for his tea plants to be harvested, which occurs only once a year during the spring season. This approach provides ample time for the tea plants to rest, regenerate and rejuvenate ensuring their vitality for the following year's harvest. The labour-intensive process gives rise to a truly unparalleled and exceptionally unique rare product, and its limited yearly production makes it highly sought after by those with a deep appreciation for the art of Matcha.


Global Recognition:

Furukawa-san and his wife have earned a well-established reputation as producers of some of Japan's finest Matcha, cherished by tea enthusiasts worldwide. Their commitment to quality, tradition, and sustainability in tea production is evident in every sip of their remarkable teas.


Organic Certification:

JAS Organic certified



* It is a privilege and an honour for us to collaborate with the Furukawa family and support their ongoing commitment to maintaining a rich legacy of cultivating the highest quality Tencha leaf material without compromise.