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Elegant and Fresh with Gentle Sweet Umami Undertones
This 100% certified organic, award-winning pinnacle, ceremonial-grade Matcha brews a sophisticated finely balanced and smooth liquor, leaving you with a lingering aftertaste of creamy buttery-sweet broth of vegetal aromas


This premium organic Matcha is skilfully crafted to offer a sophisticated, well-balanced and refined flavour profile. Its smooth, rich, round and creamy texture is complemented by a prominent oceanic savoury profile with Ooika notes, and an outstanding gentle Umami - a flavour that's usually quite challenging to achieve in organic Matcha due to the limited use of fertilizers. Suitable for both Koicha and Usucha.

Their organic Samidori Matcha received the 1st prize in the 2022 Kyoto Governor's Prize in the young tea plantation category at the Kyoto Prefecture Superior Tea Plantation Fare.


About the Tea Garden

The Tencha leaves employed in crafting this 100% certified organic Matcha undergo a meticulous care and nurturing process as they flourish along the fertile shores of the Uji River. They thrive in the nitrogen-rich, well-drained soil of this unspoiled setting. Their dedication to upholding organic farming principles remains steadfast, and they employ rigorous methods to cultivate these leaves.

Their recently established Samidori tea plantation, a fresh addition to their agricultural operation, serves as a testament to their steadfast dedication to organic farming, demonstrating great promise despite its youth.farming. These tea leaves undergo a meticulous growth process, featuring a 40-day shading period prior to harvest. The producer employs the traditional and labour-intensive Ooishita (覆い下) shading method, using "Kanreisha," a sunshade cloth, to create a canopy that effectively regulates sunlight exposure. Moreover, they embrace the Shizen-jitate (自然仕立て) approach, allowing tea trees to grow naturally in their unpruned state until they reach the optimal maturity for harvesting. Notably, the entire process is free from artificial fertilizers or pesticides, in line with our support to sustainable and eco-friendly tea cultivation.


Preparation method: Usucha and Koicha


Cultivar: Samidori certified organic, shizen-jitate 13 year old tree, single-cultivar

Method: JAS organic certification

Origin: Gokasho, Uji

Grade: Koicha - Usucha, Pinnacle, ceremonial grade, competition winner

Elevation: 15mt above sea level

Harvest: First flush, Hand-picked (tezumi), Spring 2022

Shade: Ooishita natural method, shaded for 40 days before harvest

Fertilising: Rapeseed oil cake, fish cake (tuna and bonito)

Steaming: Medium (futsūmushi)

Flavour profile: Soft vegetal notes, round and sweet, gentle Umami finish

Producer: Furukawa family

Content: 20g

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