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Exceptional and Heavenly with Delightful Umami Notes
This competition-awarded winner pinnacle ceremonial-grade Matcha produces a superlative luxurious, buttery-creamy, and sweet infusion of chlorophyll, accompanied by deep oceanic notes that will leave a lasting impression on your palate.


Savour the perfect balance of gentle elegance, sophistication, and refinement with this premium pinnacle Matcha, expertly crafted to offer a rich, round and creamy flavour profile with a prominent oceanic savoury profile with Ooika notes of fresh Aonori seaweed and deep Umami, with a hint of corn-like sweetness. This Matcha is produced exclusively for Koicha preparation, but it can also be enjoyed as Usucha.

This Honzu Asahi Matcha was awarded the 1st prize in the prestigious 2019 All Kyoto Tencha Competition, cementing its position as one of the best Matcha varieties available.


About the Tea Garden

The Tencha leaves used to craft this pinnacle premium-grade Matcha are carefully nurtured along the fertile banks of the Uji River, benefiting from the nitrogen-rich, well-drained soil found in this pristine environment. Their commitment to traditional farming principles is unwavering, and they employ rigorous methods to care for and cultivate these leaves.

These leaves undergo a meticulous growth process, with a 40-day period of shading preceding harvest. This producer employs an ancient and labour-intensive traditional shading method called  Honzu (本蔶), which uses natural reeds and rice straw to cover the tea trees to control and regulate sunlight. Additionally, they follow the Shizen-jitate (自然仕立て) approach, allowing tea trees to grow naturally in their unpruned form until they are ready for harvest.

This tea plantation, steeped in generations of family tradition and managed with unwavering commitment, has garnered a prestigious and well-renowned status for its exceptional tea varieties. It has been honoured with multiple prestigious awards and is recognized as a leading Matcha producer in Japan. On an international scale, tea connoisseurs hold their teas in high esteem due to their unparalleled quality, serving as a testament to the plantation's resolute dedication to perfection and excellence.


Preparation method: Koicha


Cultivar: Asahi, shizen-jitate, single-cultivar

Origin: Gokasho, Uji

Grade: Koicha - Usucha, Pinnacle, ceremonial grade, competition winner

Elevation: 15mt above sea level

Harvest: First flush, Hand-picked (tezumi), Spring 2023

Shade: Honzu natural method, shaded for 40 days before harvest

Fertilising: Rapeseed oil cake, fish cake (tuna and bonito)

Steaming: Medium (futsūmushi)

Flavour profile: Rich Ooika, round and sweet, long savoury Umami finish

Producer: Furukawa family

Content: 20g

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