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Round Full-bodied with Sweet & Fruity Aftertaste
This organic Fukamushi Sencha brews an exquisite liquor, with a rich, complex fruity taste and aroma


Fukamushi Sencha, also known as Fukamushicha, is a popular tea variety from Japan that's gaining popularity around the world. This type of tea is known for its deep steaming process, which gives it a bold, sweet, and fruity-rich taste with low astringency levels. Unlike normal sencha, fukamushicha's leaves are steamed for 60 seconds or longer, resulting in a unique taste and aroma.

The deep steaming method used to make Fukamushicha involves steaming the tea leaves for an extended period before rolling and drying. The deep steaming method is perfect for thick mountainous tea leaves, as this process helps to soften the leaves' membrane, allowing for more flavour to be released when brewed. The end result is a deep-green colour, bolder, sweeter, and fruitier taste, rich flavour, and low astringency.

Fukamushicha can be steeped at both lower and higher temperatures, depending on personal preference. Steeping at lower temperatures (70-80°C) will result in a sweeter taste, while steeping at higher temperatures (80-90°C) will result in a more robust flavour. If you're looking for a unique tea experience, try Fukamushicha today and discover the deep, rich flavour that has made it famous worldwide.


About the Tea Garden:

This Sencha comes from a small tea garden operated by husband and wife farmers/producers deep in the mountains of Yabe Village, Fukuoka, Japan. Established by his grandfather, this 3rd generation farm specializes in high-grade mountain-grown Sencha and Gyokuro. The mountainous village, blessed with cool weather, is covered with snow in winter. Due to these conditions, the tea leaves in the mountains bud later than their counterparts on flat lands. Furthermore, there are fewer pests and the tea plants are able to grow without the use of chemicals, leading to the production of natural organic tea leaves.

These farmers have received Japan's highest agricultural prize, and the Minister's Award, three times. They are one of Japan's highly regarded farmers.


Cultivar: Blended

Method: JAS organic certification

Origin: Yabe, Fukuoka

Grade: Regular

Elevation: 650mt above sea level

Harvest: First flush, Spring 2022

Shade: Unshaded

Fertilizing: Bokashi fertilizer (hand-picked fermented organic fertilizer)

Steaming: Deep (fukamushi)

Flavour profile: Rich, round, and vegetal sweet notes, gentle Umami finish

Producer: Harajima family

Content: 20g - 50g

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