TOKI Kyusu Teapot Gray

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TOKI, meaning time in Japanese, embodies the serene ritual of pausing daily to recenter oneself, letting go, while savoring the gentle embrace of tea.


The TOKI Yokode Kyusu, side handle teapot, expertly crafted by Ceramics Studio JINSUI in Tokoname, exemplifies the Japanese Wabi-sabi aesthetics, harmoniously blending tradition with modern innovation. It features an advanced "CERAMESH" strainer and a meticulously engineered lid, ensuring an impeccable brewing experience. Available in BLACK, GRAY, and IVORY, each teapot is infused with naturally occurring iron, contributing to a distinct and unique flavor profile.

Each colored teapot, handcrafted from locally sourced clays, exhibits unique characteristics and hues, enhanced by distinctive firing processes. The GRAY iteration, “Shirohai”, hardened to minimize porosity, faithfully preserves the tea's original essence and flavour.

Handcrafted and available in limited quantities, the TOKI KYUSU Teapot embodies the pinnacle of elegance and functionality.


About Ceramics Studio JINSUI

Founded in 1900, JINSUI has undergone generational evolution, seamlessly integrating traditional craftsmanship with contemporary innovation. Committed to a vision of excellence, JINSUI stands as a pioneer in the pottery industry, captivating audiences with its unparalleled artistry.


Materials: Clay, Ceramic (food-safe/lead-free)
Dimensions: W200mm × D130mm × H45mm (approx.)
Capacity: 100ml
Color: GREY, Shirohai
Origin: Tokoname, Aichi Prefecture, JAPAN
Artisan: JINSUI - 人水
Care: Handwash with water, avoiding chemical detergent. Air dry in a well-ventilated area. Not suitable for microwave or dishwasher use. Because of its handmade nature, this teapot is not microwave, oven, or dishwasher safe. Avoid direct exposure to open flames or stovetops.

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