Tenmoku Chawan

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A contemporary Tenmoku style Chawan, for a new perspective of brewing a perfect bowl of Matcha


Our Tenmoku style Chawan is a masterpiece of contemporary design, meticulously crafted to offer a fresh and innovative perspective on the traditional art of Matcha brewing. With the highest standards of form and function in mind, our Chawan is expertly crafted to ensure that you experience the full depth and complexity of your Matcha tea.

In the summertime, our Chawan is the ideal vessel for matcha preparation. Its open, wider upper rim promotes better air circulation, which helps to cool down the hot matcha and creates a more refreshing drinking experience. The elegant and refined design of our Chawan makes it perfect for both casual and formal occasions, adding a touch of sophistication to your Matcha ritual.

The Tenmoku Chawan has a rich history dating back to the Song Dynasty in China, and it has become an integral part of Japanese tea culture, known for its formal and ceremonial qualities.

Elevate your Matcha ritual a to new sensory experience.


Materials: Clay, food-safe/lead-free glaze
Dimensions: Height 2.5" / Diameter 5"
Care: Wash by hand with a neutral soap, and dry immediately. Because of its handmade nature, this bowl is not microwave, oven, or dishwasher safe.
Shiga, Japan

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and, as a result, sustainability.