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Smooth and Balanced with Mild Umami Aftertaste
This certified organic ceremonial Matcha brews a fruity and elegant liquor, creamy and buttery-sweet broth, finishing with a lingering Umami after taste and mild Ooika aromas


100% handpicked organic Matcha sourced from the renowned Oishita-Chaen of a prestigious Tencha producer family in Kyoto. Tori matcha is exclusively harvested from the single cultivar Samidori tea bushes.
Crafted to deliver a vibrant, smooth, and flavorful experience, Tori organic matcha stands out for its outstanding color and is suitable for everyone, from novices to tea connoisseurs and practitioners of the tea ceremony. Ideal for Usucha preparation, its high quality also allows for Koicha preparation.

Tori embodies unmatched quality, presenting initially with a delightful fruity flavor and no astringency. It leaves a soft, creamy, almost sweet aftertaste on the palate. Compared to Hana Matcha, Tori Matcha offers slightly less umami and sweetness, maintaining its distinct profile.


About the Tea Garden

This multi-award-winning family-operated estate is a 100-year-old tea garden located along the Uji River in the Fushimi district in Kyoto, spans 20 acres and has been dedicated to organic tea cultivation since 1980. Their commitment to "100% traditional cultivation and processing at the highest level" is reflected in their meticulous care under rice straw canopies.

The producer oversees and cares for his tea fields, employing natural farming practices using straw, fish remains, and rapeseed oil instead of chemical fertilizers. He personally manages the shading process to enhance flavor and uses manual pest control methods, such as natural repellents like coconut oil and fostering natural predators. Annually, he leads a team of 30 highly skilled helpers in hand-harvesting their prized tea leaves, ensuring each batch upholds the estate's exceptional standards.


Preparation method: Usucha


Cultivar: Samidori certified organic, shizen-jitate, single-cultivar

Method: JAS organic certification

Origin: Fushimi, Uji

Grade: Usucha, Pinnacle, ceremonial grade, competition grade

Elevation: 13mt above sea level

Harvest: First flush, Hand-picked (tezumi), Spring 2023

Shade: Ooishita method, shaded for 40 days before harvest

Fertilising: Rapeseed oil cake, fish cake (tuna and bonito)

Steaming: Medium (futsūmushi)

Flavour profile: Balanced, Marine Ooika, and mild sweet Umami

Producer: Nakanishi family

Content: 20g

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