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Elegant and Sophisticated with a Sweet Umami Aftertaste
This 100% certified organic, award-winning pinnacle, ceremonial-grade Matcha brews a sophisticated and finely balanced liquor, leaving you with a lingering aftertaste of creamy buttery-sweet broth, deep Umami taste and Ooika aromas

Shiun represents the pinnacle of organic matcha craftsmanship and stands as a testament to the artistry and dedication of organic matcha production, sourced exclusively from a well-renowned estate in Kyoto, celebrated for its unrivaled quality in Japan. This extraordinary tea is skilfully crafted from the Saemidori cultivar tea leaves, meticulously hand-picked and sorted to ensure only the finest tencha is selected for the rigorous stone-grinding process that transforms it into matcha.

Designed specifically for Koicha preparation method, which demands a rich and thick consistency, Shiun holds the distinction of being Japan's sole organic matcha ever produced that is suitable for the prestigious Karamono Tea Ceremony. This matcha has received several prizes and awards multiple times. Its uniqueness lies not only in its organic cultivation but also in its rarity within Japan's elite tea offerings. Produced in limited quantities, each batch reflects the farmer's meticulous attention to detail and expertise, making it a prized choice among discerning tea ceremony enthusiasts.

Shiun transcends the realm of mere tea to embody a cultural heritage and appreciation for the finest craftsmanship. Accessible only through respected tea ceremony instructors who understand its significance, Shiun remains a symbol of excellence reserved for a select few specialists and enthusiasts who seek and appreciate the pinnacle of matcha quality and tradition.

About the Tea Garden

This multi-award-winning family-operated estate is a 100-year-old tea garden located along the Uji River in the Fushimi district in Kyoto, spans 20 acres and has been dedicated to organic tea cultivation since 1980. Their commitment to "100% traditional cultivation and processing at the highest level" is reflected in their meticulous care under rice straw canopies.

The producer oversees and cares for his tea fields, employing natural farming practices using straw, fish remains, and rapeseed oil instead of chemical fertilizers. He personally manages the shading process to enhance flavor and uses manual pest control methods, such as natural repellents like coconut oil and fostering natural predators. Annually, he leads a team of 30 highly skilled helpers in hand-harvesting their prized tea leaves, ensuring each batch upholds the estate's exceptional standards.

This tea plantation, deeply rooted in family heritage and managed with unwavering dedication, has earned a distinguished reputation for its exceptional tea varieties. It has been honored with numerous prestigious awards and is recognized as a leading organic Matcha producer in Japan. Internationally, tea connoisseurs highly regard its teas for their unmatched quality, reflecting the plantation's unwavering commitment to perfection and excellence.


Preparation method: Koicha


Cultivar: Saemidori certified organic, shizen-jitate, single-cultivar

Method: JAS organic certification

Origin: Fushimi, Uji

Grade: Koicha, Pinnacle, ceremonial grade, competition winner

Elevation: 13mt above sea level

Harvest: First flush, Hand-picked (tezumi), Spring 2023

Shade: Ooishita method, shaded for 40 days before harvest

Fertilising: Rapeseed oil cake, fish cake (tuna and bonito)

Steaming: Medium (futsūmushi)

Flavour profile: Rich Ooika, edamame, and sweet long savoury Umami finish

Producer: Nakanishi family

Content: 20g

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